Since 2017, we have successfully completed more than 250 contracts. We have delivered more than 800,000 tonnes of grain.
Reliable partner
Extensive experience
Leadership positions
Profit guarantee
History and development
We are a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding in Ukraine, a public European company that runs a socially responsible business and produces food products with a focus on global markets.
We carry out our mission based on the values of impeccable business reputation, social responsibility, respect for human dignity and synergetic and result-oriented partnerships. We take away conformism and fear of change, carelessness of company resources and the advantage of self-interest over team interests.
In realising our mission, we rely on our strengths, which set us apart from others:
  • an impeccable reputation as a responsible and reliable partner;
  • consistent quality of our products;
  • significant diversification and vertical business integration;
  • a strong employer brand.
What makes us different
Reinforcing our market-driven approach to doing business with a focus on global markets, we:
  • build marketing relationships with end consumers;
  • develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our stakeholders and customers;
  • build partnerships with global leaders in our industry segments;
  • strengthen business partnerships in Ukraine to promote national interests and enhance competitiveness in global markets;
  • developing the direction of deepest processing of products;
  • continuing implementation of organic production;
  • strengthening commodity trading.
How we run our business
Our destiny is to build a strong Ukraine and strengthen the world's trust in it, to unlock and multiply the potential of the Ukrainian land and people, to inspire society by our example of doing business on the principles of fair partnership, ethics and development.
We are building a high-tech, innovative company in Ukraine with a globally recognisable brand and an impeccable reputation that is attractive to shareholders and partners, producing high quality products for the most demanding consumers and providing opportunities for effective self-fulfilment to each of its employees.
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